In Otero group we have been building houses for families for more than 60 years, there is no doubt that we have the building in our DNA.This wide experience is the key of our great success, since we are the only company that integrates management, design and construction In a single working group.

We are not intermediaries, project managers or single architects, we directly execute the works with our own work teams, for this we can always offer the best quality and best construction prices since we anticipate all the steps of the construction process, with Otero group there are no surprises.

Alejandro Orea is the Manager of Otero group´s building department, graduated as Technical Architect shares the passion of our CEO for the construction. He has a consolidated experience of more than 20 years managing construction teams, both in Spain and abroad. Under his direction have been executed more than 5,000 homes.

He ensures that Otero group’s obsession with excellence and the well-done work is transmitted to each and every one of the many workers and work teams we have, his direct supervision in each and every one of the construction processes guarantees that the end result is always excellent

Alejandro Orea Díaz Manager Building Department

Alejandro Orea Diaz

Manager Building Department