OTERO in its activity of DESIGN AND ARCHITECTURE, CONSTRUCTION OF BUILDING WORK AND PROMOTION OF HOMES works every day to give full satisfaction to its clients, without forgetting the importance of adequate protection and conservation of natural resources and improvement in security and the health of its workers.

To fulfill this commitment, the company's Management has decided to implement an Integrated Quality and Environmental Management System, highlighting the following principles:

* Carry out the activities of DESIGN AND ARCHITECTURE, CONSTRUCTION OF BUILDING WORK AND PROMOTION OF HOUSING with a demanding degree of quality, environmental awareness and safety for its workers, which complies with all applicable legal and regulatory requirements, both for activities and services, the environmental aspects generated, as well as any other requirement that is assumed voluntarily.

*To achieve the maximum satisfaction of our clients.

* Continuous improvement and prevention of pollution, based on the most significant environmental aspects of our activity.

*Carry out permanent monitoring of the results obtained through System Management, for which we have set up our Quality and Environment Committee.

* Provide a framework for establishing and reviewing environmental goals and objectives.

*Identify and evaluate all those environmental aspects related to the development of our activities and services, acting on all the environmental impacts generated by them, both significant and insignificant, both present and future, in order to minimize and prevent negative impacts on the environment.

*The Management assumes as an obligation inherent to its responsibilities, the commitment to exercise leadership in the implementation, awareness and application of behaviors in accordance with the Quality and Environment System, acting as a promoter, guide and example in the fulfillment of an obligation that concerns all of us who form our company or work on its behalf.

Faithful to these principles, the precepts to be fulfilled by OTERO are included in our Quality and Environmental System, which is declared mandatory and is available to all interested parties related to OTERO.

Marbella, October 2019.

Rubén Otero Villaverde