Dear partners,

OTERO BUILDERS S.L. would like to make clear we have no business or personal relation with CONSTRUCCIONES OTERO S.L, based out of Granada. Both companies work in the same industry but, as can be seen in all public registers we have different CIF, address, etc, therefore there is no link or any kind of relationship with our Group.

Any corporate communication from OTERO BUILDERS S.L, will always include our official logo in blue and white, as may be seen on the image attached

We would like to take the opportunity to make clear that OTERO BUILDERS S.L, is in great financial shape and has is not involved in any creditors contest or pre-contest.

We sincerely hope CONSTRUCCIONES OTERO S.L from Granada, will soon sort out their financial trouble and wish them the best outcome possible.


Rubén Otero
CEO & Founder